28 July 2011 - ICPAT held a workshop on Security Management along the Sudan-Egypt border on July 26-27, 2011 in Khartoum, Sudan.  The meeting was attended by over 21 senior border security officials (between the ranks of Lt. Colonel and General and civilian equivalent) from various departments including the Ministry of Interior, Police, Customs, National Intelligence and Security Service, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and the Sudan National Counter Terrorism Coordinating Committee. The opening ceremony was conducted by General Mohamed Gafar, the Director of the Sudan National Counter Terrorism Coordinating Committee, on behalf of the Government of the Sudan and Richard Barno, Senior Research and Policy Advisor, on behalf of ICPAT.

Both opening remarks reviewed the work done by SNCTCC and ICPAT in supporting border security and management in the Sudan including previous work on the Sudan-Ethiopia border, Sudan (South Sudan)-Uganda border, Sudan (South-Sudan)-Kenya border and proposed work of the Sudan-Chad border. The Director confirmed to ICPAT that the recommendations resulting from the ICPAT border support process are implemented by the Government of the Sudan.

During the workshop, the researchers involved in the border survey presented their report on the Sudan Egypt border and extensive discussions were held on the same. The research report was critiqued and recommendations relating to the management of the border was made. In discussing the Sudan-Egypt border, the workshop also looked at the Red Sea Maritime border and the challenges associated with increased piracy associated with Somalia.

The workshop received expert presentations from Dr. Muaz Tungo, an expert in international boundary law and practice, on the status of the Sudan Egypt border, and from Richard Barno, on border security and management experiences from the IGAD region. The Workshop was graced by the former Director General of the Police of the Sudan.

The workshop concluded with specific recommendations for implementation by the Government of the Sudan to enhance the effectiveness of the management of the Sudan Egypt border. (End)